Saturday, December 21, 2013

Designing my tiny house wiring with a Sharpie!

I've been struggling to find some useful things to do by myself without at least one other person here to help hold the board or my ladder but after talking with Art ( he coached me into doing some thinking (and drawing) today. 

What I've done is to use a Sharpie to mark out all the places I think I'll need plug, switches, etc. It really helped to get a feel for the place. It's starting to feel like I'm spending time in my house and not just a construction site.

With SIPs you can usually get the electric channels pre-run in your walls before it gets to you. Depending on your sips people it will be more or less work once you get it to have it ready to run wires. I could have done more as I put up the wall to make sure all of my pre-drilled chases were lined up and the holes all pre-drilled in the splines. I didn't do that because I only had two days where I had people to lift the walls into place but it's easy enough to run them after you get your walls up. You could even probably do without any pre-chase work but it is nice to have. They do have those crazy long drills that electricians use and you can find them any building supply store.

I'll probably be running both AC (to my plugs) and DC (to my lights, appliances, etc) so I have to think along those lines. I have some strip LED lights and I'll also be getting some other LED fixtures. I'm using different colors of markers to show the different lines that need to be run. Depending on the type and the distance they need to be different gauges and stuff. I'm relying on my friends who know more about electric than me for this one folks. For now I'm just looking to get the wires in the walls.

       Here's my main switch, I'm not sure if these are all exactly as you can see I have written "Outside?". Not sure if I want this switch here or on the other wall.
I'm using a few boxes and tape to get a feel of where my closets and bathroom will be. 

Here's my kitchen set-up. It's a neat design that uses the nook and also has a cool island bar.

Here's where my TV will mount, as you can barely see the scrawling text of Star Wars Episode VII.

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