Friday, December 20, 2013

Camping out in my tiny house shell

How little do you need to "camp-out" in your tiny house?

I'm planning on spending some nights in my tiny house before it's actually completed. What do you think I need to have in there to make it livable?

I'm thinking about these things:

  • Walls/Roof
    • In my case, SIPs, but I think for stick building you'd need insulation in there.
    • Without these it's hard to call it a "house".
    • You should at least have Tyvek and ice and water shield to protect your house.
  • Windows
    • You could probably get by without these in if you don't cut the sheathing out.
    • Increases visibility of the perimeter in case of zombies but then again, zombies can break windows so it's a wash.
  • Door
    • To keep out the bears, coyotes, hobos, and hobo zombies.
  • Heat
    • If it's cold outside, if it's hot I think air conditioning is optional.
    • Could be temporary space heater.
  • Plumbing
    • I have a composting toilet so that's easy to put in without full plumbing.
    • Drinking water, no need to have full plumbing at this point.
    • Shower somewhere else: Gym, Friend's house, local historic fountain, or sponge baths!
  • Electric?
    • I doubt you "need" electric but a simple extension cord would run your heat and laptop.
    • Battery powered camping stuff would help out here.

What do you think I missed? Anything you think you need before camping out or anything you think you could do without?

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