Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Installing Jeld-wen Windows and Dupont Flex-wrap in my Tiny House-Video Tutorial

Your mileage may vary but I found installing my windows to be easy, fun, and rewarding.

It's a simple process that helps morph your wall full of holes into a complete shell. When your done your house will be much quieter and peaceful on the inside and easier to heat and/or cool during your build. It transforms your box into an indoor space so remember to use your indoor voices. There are some good products that make this whole process easier and I really really love this flex wrap from Tyvek, I'm usually not a fan boy of building materials but boy howdy is this stuff neat. I wish I had more windows to install because my 15 weren't enough!

Finding a friend to help you is key, it's possible to do this by yourself I've heard but not fun or easy.

I installed new windows, they are much easier because they have the nailing fins and such. Used windows can work but I'll let another authority like Deek over at www.relaxshacks.com handle that. He's the reclaimed materials guru.

I'll save most of the jib-jab for the video below where I walk you through installing one of my last windows. I hope you enjoy and check out my friends Ella Jenkins and Matt Nelson. They have blogs you should check out:
Ella's Tiny house blog: http://littleyellowdoor.wordpress.com/
Matt's Airstream blog: http://www.luxelandyacht.com/

I got my materials on Amazon after I saw some awesome tutorials so I made a video because I don't think you'd believe me otherwise. You can find a list of materials I've bought from Amazon at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy and leave comments!


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    1. Thanks so much! We'll try and keep up the content as we build.