Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Never underestimate the Buick" or "How to tow a tiny house with a grandma car."

Sometimes you need a truck...but when it comes to a used Buick LeSabre all bets are off.

I also got my Mini Cooper in the action picking up my tub; pictures of that will be in my tub post later.

First thing: I shouldn't recommend this but we actually used the Buick to TOW my trailer! We sat on the back to balance it on the wheels and hooked up chains to the car to provide the forward pull. Slowly but surely we pulled it out of the garage and off we went. Here's the proof:

Don't try this at home

Not only can the Buick tow, it can haul!

So after a long day of door shopping with no luck, we decided to  pick up our loft joists so the day wasn't wasted. We got 8 foot 4x4's and I have to be honest, I did not think they would fit in the Buick LeSabre. What you see is the product of some very good spacial reasoning but none of it was mine.

...and the back seats don't even fold down.
A view of victory

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