Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little things take the most tiny house time.

Once the big stuff goes up it's all little stuff...but ALOT of little stuff. Just have to take each day with little steps and eventually we'll have an awesome house!

I start every morning by burning a couple if pieces of siding. For one, working with a giant torch helps when it's cold outside. It's also pretty labor intensive to brush the boards so it helps to do a few everyday as opposed to a whole day of "Shou Sugi Ban".

So today I added some roof details. The sips I got did not have the little strips of roof that connect my rear gable to my front gable. It would have been silly to have the sips people make those. It does make a big difference to have those added though. It makes the dormers seem more like they are coming "out" of the roof instead of breaking it up. Before it looked a bit like a train car. Some people might like this but my hobo Joe days are behind me. 

I didn't know how I was going to do it with all the angles but after I realized it was all going to be covered up and I just needed a nailing surface it was easy enough. I used some scrap plywood I had left over from my decking. 

Here's some pictures! 

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